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The Brain Train

Last Update:12/12/2017
Contact:Courtney Carroll
Title:Program Manager
Address:315 W. Jefferson Blvd.
South Bend, IN 46601
County:St. Joseph
Toll Free:
The Brain Train provides families with the knowledge and skills to enhance their infant or young child's healthy growth and development.
Program Description
Through the use of trained Family Coordinators, families learn positive ways to interact with their children and how to use the resources available. The Brain Train has three rooms designed to meet the needs of every family up to 5 years.

1. Ages zero to 18 months
2. Ages 18 months to 30 months
3. 30 months to 5 years

Early childhood intervention services like The Brain Train are key to identifying developmental delays in infants and young children. These interventions are valuable in minimizing long-term effects of negative occurrences of stressful environments on a child's brain. The Brain Train's experienced Family Coordinators show parents ways to track their children's development to identify possible delays early on.

Who may enroll in the Brain Train? Anyone who has a child under 5 years old and who is not already enrolled in Healthy Families, Community Partners, or DCS

What can families expect?
  • Learn simple, age-appropriate brain development activities
  • Discover opportunities to become in tune with children
  • Learn realistic expectations of stages of child development
  • Build confidence in parenting skills
  • Learn ways to reduce stress at home
  • Learn and practice ways to nurture school readiness
Family Support
Parent Education/Training
Play groups/Social skills/Leisure skills
Spanish speaking community/materials
Spanish Speaking Staff Available
Transition First Steps to Preschool
Counties Serviced
St. Joseph
7172 Graham Road, Suite 100, Indianapolis, IN 46250 E-Mail:

As a matter of policy, About Special Kids does not specifically endorse any of the resources contained on our website or in our information packets. Resources are supplied for information purposes only and ASK recommends that families explore all options for assistance before making an informed choice.