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Positive Exposure

Last Update:11/14/2016
Contact:Rick Guidotti
Address:43 East 20th Street
New York, NY 10003
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Positive Exposure, founded in 1997, utilizes photography and video to transform public perceptions of people living with genetic, physical, intellectual and behavioral differences. Our educational and advocacy programs reach around the globe to promote a more inclusive, compassionate world where differences are celebrated. Positive Exposure utilizes the visual arts to significantly impact the fields of genetics, mental health and human rights.
Program Description
Positive Exposure provides new opportunities to see individuals living with a genetic difference first and foremost as a human being with his/her own challenges rather than as a specific diagnosis/disease entity. Our programs support and promote human dignity through Positive Exposure's Spirit of Difference photographic image data bank and video interviews of persons, particularly children, living with genetic conditions.

PEARLS Project is a ground-breaking educational tool which invites students to learn about their peers living with genetic, physical and behavioral differences through an image gallery and safe online blog. This trailblazing interactive program enables student audiences to gain a deeper understanding and respect for human diversity, while empowering their peer group living with difference to become self-advocates and teach the world about life from their unique perspective.

FRAME: Faces Redefining the Art of Medical Education FRAME is a web-based educational library and resource created by Positive Exposure that changes how medical information is presented to health care professionals in training, clinicians, families and communities. FRAME utilizes brief educational films hosted on the Positive Exposure and partner websites. What started as a pilot in collaboration with students in the Joan H Marks Graduate Program in Human Genetics Sarah Lawrence College with five genetic conditions – and formerly entitled The New Face of Genetics – FRAME is growing into an important compendium of genetic conditions that will change the way students in health care fields Billy, Marfansee and experience individuals living with genetic differences. Each brief film will give future genetic counselors, nurses, physicians, OT’s, PT’s, families and communities, a more robust understanding of featured genetic, physical, intellectual and/or behavioral conditions, while modeling an attitude of respect for the humanity of patients. Viewers will get to see participants talk, move, and smile, a departure from the “patient-as-a-specimen” model that most educational medical literature utilizes. FRAME presents individuals living with specific genetic conditions in a manner, which captures their humanity and beauty.
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