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Cherab Foundation, Inc.

Last Update:11/27/2017
Contact:Lisa Geng
Address:PO Box 8524
Port St Lucie, FL 34952
County:Out of state
Toll Free:
The Cherab Foundation is a world-wide nonprofit organization working to improve the communication skills and education of all with speech and language delays and disorders with a focus on children. Our area of emphasis is verbal and oral apraxia, severe neurologically-based speech and language disorders that hinder children's ability to speak.

The Cherab Foundation is committed to assisting with the development of new therapeutic approaches, preventions and cures to neurologically-based speech disorders. We bring together parents and medical, research, and educational professionals. Our initiatives include crowdFunnit, a proactive way to help eliminate bullying and alienation by bringing people together, raising awareness about differences while fostering acceptance and compassion,

Late Talkers Silent Voices, a multimedia project by an award winning producer along with talented media and nonprofit professionals designed to foster acceptance, share personal stories and provide resources to individuals and families impacted by communication disorders. We believe all have a right to be heard and understood, and PursuitofResearch a blog by Lisa Geng to promote hope and education and to promote healthy nutritional strategies.
Program Description
CHERAB is a non-profit foundation that focuses on raising awareness of Apraxia and other speech and language delays, and the importance of early intervention. Working with developmental pediatricians, speech pathologists, neuroscientists and major hospitals the CHERAB Foundation is working towards research on therapies which may help late talkers with Apraxia, Dysarthria, delayed language development, Autism and other speech and language impairments.

A list-serv overseen by pediatricians, speech-language pathologists, and educational consultants is run by CHERAB and can be found at their web-site. Through the list you can connect to many other parents who have children who have speech or language delays, and find out what they have been able to do to help their child.
Speech / Language Delays
Counties Serviced
7172 Graham Road, Suite 100, Indianapolis, IN 46250 E-Mail:

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