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Summit Equestrian Center

Last Update:7/22/2018
Title:Program Director
Address:10808 La Cabreah Lane
Ft. Wayne, IN 46845
Toll Free:
Summit Equestrian Center exists to improve the lives of children and adults of ALL abilities through the interaction with horses. It is the vision of Summit Equestrian Center to provide the highest quality therapeutic horseback riding and related activities to all those who can benefit.
Program Description
Therapeutic riding provides benefits in the areas of therapy, education, sport, recreational and leisure. Children and adults with physical, emotional cognitive and social challenges are able to achieve goals and conquer skills.

Interaction with horses can provide an opportunity to set and achieve goals, make friends and excel. The horses give their legs, hearts & hope to the riders and lift them to new challenges. Learn more about equine assisted activities at or by coming for an introduction to our program.

Here at Summit we have the flexibility to adapt our available programs to best match our riders' needs. Our therapeutic riding lessons are taught by PATH International certified therapeutic riding instructors with experience serving a wide variety of individuals. We are able to teach responsibility and social interaction, as well as skills like sequence memory and direction following, color, letter, and work recognition in a fun and motivating environment.

We provide Adaptive Riding, Hippotherapy (facilitated by a team of Physical Therapists), Equine Assisted Learning (life skills), & Equine Facilitated Psychotherapy (facilitated by a licensed councilor & horse specialist).   We provide one-on-one sessions, family groups, sibling groups, and team building opportunities.
  • Lead-line lessons (4-6 years old) 30 minutes, small group $25
  • Adaptive Riding, small group, 45 minutes, $35
  • Adaptive Riding, one-on-one, 45 minutes, $45
  • Hippotherapy, 1 hour session, $80
  • Equine Facilitated Psychotherapy, 1 hr session, $150.
** Sliding fee available
Anger Management
At-Risk Youth
Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD)/Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)
Cerebral Palsy
Cognitive Disability
Developmental Delays/Disability
Down Syndrome
Learning Disabilities
Physical Disabilities
Spina Bifida
Spinal Cord Injury
Therapeutic Horseback Riding/Hippotherapy
Traumatic Brain Injury
Youth Involvement
Counties Serviced
7172 Graham Road, Suite 100, Indianapolis, IN 46250 E-Mail:

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