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The Greater Go

Last Update:10/19/2017
Contact:Rebecca Kirby
Address:2424 Boyer Lane
Indianapolis, IN 46217
County:Entire State
Toll Free:844-324-1376
The Greater GO Foundation expands accessible travel through three types of efforts:
  1. A Community of Travelers – This is a place for people to go to share their own travel stories. Travelers can submit their travel stories here and stories will be shared through monthly e-newsletters and social media.
  2. Education and Advocacy – The Greater GO Foundation will take the experiences shared by travelers to determine advocacy and education priorities and will use these experiences to advocate for more accessibility on airplanes, in hotels, on other forms of transportation and at certain destinations.
  3. Free Exploratory Trips! – Who is the best judge of whether or not a destination and the travel to that destination is accessible? People with accessibility needs themselves! The Greater GO Foundation sets aside funds each year to send people with special travel needs on free trips to specific destinations. In return for the free trip, selected trip grantees are asked to complete accessibility checklists, post to social media, take photos and video, etc. of the destinations and their journey.
Program Description
The Greater GO Foundation is the nonprofit charity affiliated with The Greater GO Travel Agency. A percentage of commission from every trip booked with The Greater GO Travel Agency is donated to The Greater GO Foundation.  Donations may also be made to the Foundation.
Recreation (General)/Sports/Aquatics
Counties Serviced
Entire State
7172 Graham Road, Suite 100, Indianapolis, IN 46250 E-Mail:

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