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Wilderness Inquiry

Last Update:3/13/2018
Address:808 14th Ave. SE
Minneapolis, MN 55414-1546
County:Out of state
Phone:(612) 676-9400
Toll Free:(800) 728-0719
Fax:(612) 676-9401

Our mission is to provide outdoor adventure experiences that inspire personal growth, community integration, and enhanced awareness of the environment. Wilderness Inquiry's adventures encourage people to open themselves to new possibilities and opportunities.

Our passion is making high-quality outdoor experiences accessible for everyone, including those who do not typically get out and enjoy the wilderness who wants to experience it, like people with physical, cognitive and sensory impairments.

We provide training for other organizations and outdoor skills workshops at community events. We also raise money to provide scholarships to make our programs financially accessible to everyone.

Program Description

Wilderness Inquiry enables people with and without disabilities to go on outdoor adventures and gain new insights into life by sharing common experiences as peers.

We provide adventure trips for:

  • all size groups - from 5 people to 150 people
  • all ages: families, youth, adults, and inter-generational groups
  • trips to over 150 destinations in North America and around the world
  • trips scheduled year round (from 1 - 30 days in duration)

Non profit organization - Please call or visit our website for information on charges or costs for services.

Recreation (General)/Sports/Aquatics
Counties Serviced
7172 Graham Road, Suite 100, Indianapolis, IN 46250 E-Mail:

As a matter of policy, About Special Kids does not specifically endorse any of the resources contained on our website or in our information packets. Resources are supplied for information purposes only and ASK recommends that families explore all options for assistance before making an informed choice.