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Last Update:12/5/2016
Address:2525 Lake Ave.
Ft. Wayne, IN 46805
Toll Free:800-976-2306

Crossroad creates promising futures for children in difficult circumstances by providing therapy, education and family support services.

Program Description

Programs and Services

Residential Treatment Programs

  • Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facility provides intensive residential treatment to meet the needs of these youth and their families.
  • The OpenTreatment program addresses a wide variety of emotional and behavioral issues for youth who are able to manage in a less-secure open environment.
  • Transitional Living is available for youth, aged 16 or older, to focus on education and job skills as well as skills for community living.
  • Crossroad’s Independent Living program is available to young people who have completed Crossroad’s Transitional Living program or another transitional living program.

Community-Based and Outpatient Treatment Programs  

  • Crossroad’s Outpatient Child and Family Counseling Services focus on providing treatment tailored to client and family needs and strengths.
  • Crossroad provides coordination of treatment in Foster Homes through contracts with local foster care agencies. For youth leaving Crossroad’s residential programs, this allows for continuity of care during the transition back into the community.

Special Services for Special Kids  

  • Treatment for medically fragile children - The medically fragile population includes, but is not limited to, children with seizure disorders, cystic fibrosis, multiple sclerosis, muscular dystrophy, diabetes, sickle cell anemia, hemophilia, cancer and shunt placement.
  • Treatment for developmentally disabled youth - Crossroad has a strong commitment and belief that programming should be modified to meet the individual needs of all clients.
  • Specialized Group Therapy - Our therapists lead weekly groups addressing topics such as fire setting, eating disorders, physical and sexual abuse, bereavement, grief and loss, dissociation and childhood disorders best treated with play therapy. Groups are offered for both our residential and outpatient clients. Many of these groups were developed at referral source request!

Treatment for younger populations - We provide treatment for children as young as age 6 (and to age 21). The Crossroad Day Education program is offered for children who require educational services that cannot be provided in the public school setting. Crisis Stabilization and Diagnostic Evaluation is a comprehensive program for youth 6-21 years of age.


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