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Whitington Homes & Services for Children and Families, Inc.

Last Update:2/6/2018
Address:2423 Fairfield Ave.
Ft. Wayne, IN 46807
Toll Free:

It is our mission at Whitington to develop independent life skills that lead to self-sufficient families.

Program Description

HOME BASED FAMILY CENTERED CASEWORK/THERAPY SERVICES - This program takes place in the family’s home and provides a combination of the following kinds of services to families: conflict management, communication skills, anger management, REBT therapy, behavior modification, grief work, and relapse prevention, education, substance abuse, family communication, community referrals, budgeting/money management, etc.

This program serves the following counties: Allen, DeKalb, Steuben, LaGrange, Noble, Whitley, Huntington, Wells and Adams.

CHILD MENTAL HEALTH WRAPAROUND SERVICES - provides a program for children and youth with serious emotional problems that will allow your family to receive extra help in the home. It does not matter what type of family you have: adoptive, foster, single parent, two-parent, or guardianship.

FAMILY PREPARATION/HOME STUDIES & ADOPTION HOME STUDIES—Thinking about adoption? In the process of adoption? A professional home study is the first stop on your adoption journey. The home study process will document that your home (structurally, emotionally, etc.) is suitable for an adoptive placement. The process will require one-on-one meetings with prospective adoptive parents (individually and together) and a visits to the home. There will be a recommendation about the family’s ability to met the needs of the child(ren). Our staff is committed to treating you with dignity and sensitivity as we walk beside you through each step of the home study process.

FOSTER HOME STUDIES/UPDATES/RE-LICENSING STUDIES-Whitington provides Home Studies for families who want to become foster parent(s) and for current foster homes who need an update or re-licensing. A home study is an information gathering and evaluation of the family and home environment that records a recommendation as to the ability of the prospective parent's) to meet the needs of the child(ren).

The home is evaluated in the following areas: parent/child relationships; education; family history; discipline methods; support systems; sibling relationships; references; expectations; experience with children; reasons for applying; children's behavior; interests and activities; areas of tension/conflict; employment history; and adequacy of home. These services are performed in the home and completed within 60 days of referral.

VISITATION FACILITION—Visitation Facilitation is provided to parents, children, siblings and/or others who have been separated due to abuse and neglect or involvement with juvenile probation. Whitington will pro-vide a positive atmosphere where parents and children may interact in a safe, structured environment. This visitation allows the child an opportunity to reconnect and reestablish the relationship in a safe structured environment. During visit times, the parents are able to learn and practice new concepts of parenting. These visits can occur in the home or in the community. Case Managers are trained in Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Trauma Informed Care.

HOMEMAKER/PARENT AID—Homemaker/Parent Aid provides assistance for parents who are unable to fulfill parenting and/or homemaking functions. Staff will assist the family through teaching, demonstrating, monitoring, and role modeling new skills for coping with many of the following areas: child safety, crisis resolution, housing, child nutrition, health care, community resources, transportation, parenting skills, budgeting, parent/child interaction, time management, self esteem, home management. This will enable the family to

Adoption/Foster Care
Mental Health
Parent Education/Training
Therapy services
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