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Social Security Administration

Last Update:12/5/2017
Toll Free:800-772-1213

To administer Social Security retirement, survivors, and disability benefits.

To administer the Supplemental Security Income (SSI) program, which provides basic income to people who are 65 or older, disabled, or blind and have limited income and resources.

Program Description

Disabled means you have a physical or mental problem that keeps you from working and is expected to last at least a year or to result in death. When deciding if a child is disabled, Social Security looks at how his or her disability affects everyday life.  Blind means your are either totally blind or have very poor eyesight. Children as well as adults can get benefits because of blindness.

Most Social Security business can be conducted by telephone, from receiving general information to applying for a Social Security card or benefits. To speak with a representative, call Social Security toll free at (800) 772-1213 between 7am and 7pm on any workday. Applications can also be completed online.

For business which cannot be completed by phone, an appointment can be made for many types of office visits. You can also use our automated services 24 hours a day to request a variety of forms and publications.

You should have the following things before you apply:

  • a Social Security card,
  • birth certificate,
  • mortgage or lease information,
  • payroll slips,
  • insurance policies, and other information about your income,
  • names and addresses and telephone numbers of doctors, hospitals and clinics if you are signing up for disability, and
  • proof of US citizenship or eligible noncitizen status.
Appeals - Social Security provides an online appeals process available at which allows you:
  • The ability to provide documents electronically when you file your appeal;
  • The ability to accept online appeals from people living outside the United States;
  • Access to on-screen help.

Social security and supplemental security income benefits.

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Social Security
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