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United Brachial Plexus Network

Last Update:4/26/2018
Address:32 WIlliam Rd
Reading, MA 01867
County:Out of state
Toll Free:781-315-6161
The United Brachial Plexus Network strives to inform, support, and unite families and those concerned with brachial plexus injuries and their prevention worldwide.
Program Description

Awareness Program: The Awareness Program of UBPN is dedicated to "bringing brachial plexus injuries to light" through increased awareness and advocacy.

Professional Liaison:  strives to establish and maintain open communication between those with a professional interest in brachial plexus injuries and our community. The In Touch Program supports professional endeavors that are of benefit to our community. 

Traumatic Brachial Injurty Support Team:  Twelcomes new members to our community whom have experienced a Traumatic Brachial Plexus Injury. Open Arms responds to initial overtures (phone calls, emails, letters, and in person) to UBPN from people seeking information and support. The overall goals of the Open Arms Program are to direct people to the appropriate resources regarding their concerns, and ensure that newcomers feel warmly welcomed and supported in our community.

Outreach Program:  The Outreach Program of UBPN is charged with communicating current knowledge of brachial plexus injuries and the ongoing efforts of UBPN to our audiences. These audiences include, but are not limited to: the general public, media and the brachial plexus injury community.

Prevention Program:  The Brachial Plexus Injury Prevention Program of UBPN advocates for the wellness and safety of all newborns during the delivery process. Through our coordinated efforts to inform, educate, and empower families, medical professionals, educational personnel, insurance providers, politicians, and others, we strive to promote a model of prevention that will reduce the incidence of preventable brachial plexus injuries.

Support Group Liaison:  offers "support to the support groups" existing in our diverse community.  Please visit the website for more information about these programs.
100% of donations go back to the organization.  We have no paid staff.
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As a matter of policy, About Special Kids does not specifically endorse any of the resources contained on our website or in our information packets. Resources are supplied for information purposes only and ASK recommends that families explore all options for assistance before making an informed choice.