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Crisis Center Inc. , A Youth Service Bureau - Northwest Indiana

Last Update:5/1/2018
Address:101 N. Montgomery Street
Gary, IN 46403
Toll Free:800-519-0469
The Crisis Center is a comprehensive human services agency with primary services for children, youth and families. Our mission: Strengthening communities, empowering families with an emphasis on children in need of safety, shelter and support.
Program Description
The Crisis Center's Alternative House provides emergency shelter for boys and girls, ages 10-18 who are runaways, homeless, abused or neglected. Alternative House will provide longer term care for youth whose needs require services.

The Safe Place and Safely Home services provides outreach through business and community contacts to boys and girls who are at risk of abuse or neglect and who may be homeless.

Counseling Services provide low cost, quick and easily accessible services. Services are provided by M.S.W. staff with family appointments scheduled on evening and weekends. Services are provided for youth who are residents of Alternative House emergency shelter for youth.

Teen Court is a prevention, early intervention and youth development program, started in November 1989. Teens who have committed an offense that has brought them to the attention of police have an opportunity to appear before a court of their peers who determine their sentence. Youth are trained to serve in the roles of prosecution, defense, bailiff, clerk and jurors. Year-long outcomes prove the success of the project to teach youth personal responsibility for their actions.

Crisis Contact answers incoming calls from individuals who have a problem for which they need a listener, need information, referral, or just someone to whom to talk . The line is also a suicide prevention hotline and is connected to the national suicide lines. To reach our hotline, call 219-938-0900 (toll-free: 1-800-519-0469). To reach our 24-hour hotline call 1-800-273-TALK (8255).

Safe Place provides outreach to youth. Safe Place combines public/private cooperation to get help fast to youth in crisis situations. Businesses provide a location, display a Safe Place sign, and indicate a youth may request help. Youth are transported to Alternative House where their problem is addressed.

Alternative House, an emergency, short-term shelter for runaway, homeless, pushed out, abused or neglected youth, ages 6 to 18, opened in January 1976. Professional staff act as advocates helping youth deal with personal or parent conflicts, preventing family deterioration, and providing individual, group and family counseling. Other services include recreation, an in-house, half-day school, transportation to their home community school, and to referred health services. Year-long follow-up contacts with parents or caregivers determines the success of youth for a year after they leave Alternative House.

Please visit the website for more information about these programs.
Crisis Contact line, Safe Place, Alternative House emergency shelter are no cost to clients. Out-patient Counseling Services as a sliding fee scale.
Crisis Intervention
Family Support
Information & Referral
Spanish speaking community/materials
Counties Serviced
7172 Graham Road, Suite 100, Indianapolis, IN 46250 E-Mail:

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