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Welcome to About Special Kids! We are the place for families and professionals in Indiana to go to “ASK” questions about children with special needs and to access information and resources about a variety of topics such as health insurance, special education, community resources and medical homes. ASK is your connection to family support in the state of Indiana!

Latest ASK Webinar: Dads: A Different Perspective

A webinar all about dads.  How to be a positive influence in both a child with special needs life and the child’s mothers life (whether married, living together, divorced or otherwise.). What dads can do to be involved and make a difference.

Presenters:   Brian Replogle and Andrew VanGordon

To view this and other archived webinars, click here


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Make your holiday shopping count! Join us at Global Gifts on December 8th from 5:00 to 8:00pm and 10% of your purchases will benefit About Special Kids. Global Gifts offers unique items from around the world, including jewelry, accessories, home goods, toys, and more; and, because all their products are fair trade, your purchases support fair pay, gender equality, and life-changing opportunities for disadvantaged artisans.

When:  December 8, 2014

Where:  Global Gifts - 2 Locations
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Upcoming Event: ASK & Learn

ASK is excited to share information on a new project we are launching, called ASK & Learn. The family-specific ASK & Learn sessions are an additional opportunity for parents or caregivers of children with special needs to ask questions and learn about resources, programs, and services that may benefit their child, with the added benefit of a small group, community-based setting and face-to-face interaction with highly trained and experienced ASK Parent Liaisons.

These sessions are primarily geared to families that have called and spoken with a parent liaison at least once within the past year; however, ASK is happy to serve any family raising a child with special needs that may have an interest in attending (if space allows – registration is required for all sessions). Please note that any family that is entirely new to ASK will need to provide additional information per our required documentation protocols.

At an ASK & Learn session, parents or caregivers can expect to:

  • hear and receive information on various topical resources that are of interest to many families raising children with special needs;
  • have the opportunity to have some of their specific questions addressed
  • learn from the questions that other parents ask, as they are answered and discussed; and
  • come away feeling empowered with more information, resources and ideas that can be used to help their child reach his/her potential.

When:  November 18, 2014 
           5:30 p.m. - 7:00 p.m.

Where:  ASK Office
            7172 Graham Road, Suite 100 
            Indianapolis, IN  46240

Space is Limited and Registration is Required. To register, call 317-257-8683.

Registration is required as each session is intentionally limited in size to allow for individualized attention, facilitation of discussion and resource sharing. Please note that children CANNOT be accommodated due to session formatting and space.

We are a Parent led and staffed organization and we look forward to helping you!

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