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Aniridia Foundation International (AFI)

Last Update:12/8/2017
Address:University of Virginia School of Medicine
PO Box 800715
Charlottesville, VA 22908-0715
Toll Free:

Aniridia Foundation International (AFI), along with its medical and research professionals seek to find a cure for aniridia. AFI's core research program, the International Medical Registry and Gene Bank (IMR), will assist researchers and physicians in helping those with the conditions that make up this multi-faceted eye and medical syndrome.

Many people have glaucoma, cataracts, low vision, retinal corneal problems, and diabetes...however, only a child or adult with aniridia usually lives with many, if not all, of these. Other areas associated with aniridia syndrome are issues involoving the kidneys, pancreas, brain and some that have not been researched to the fullest. We believe that this AFI research program WILL help those with and without aniridia as many people share common conditions. Research will lead to improved understanding, better patient care, and lead us closer to a cure.

Program Description

Our organization was created to address the lack of awareness of aniridia, to promote research and to support those born with this complex eye and medical syndrome, aniridia.

Our supporters, both national and international are families and individuals with aniridia,physicians, researchers, teachers and those interested in helping the low vision / blind population. We have united our passion to make a difference in the world for those who have aniridia and those who share our experiences with loss of vision due to glaucoma, cataracts, corneal scarring, retinal detachments, and diabetes.

Our aniridia database serves many purposes to keep people informed, to allow aniridia families to meet and share experiences, and to help the research community by providing statistical numbers, and data so we may find improved treatments and a cure.


  • educational and medical conferences biennially,
  • support services,
  • medical research data and testing in collaboration with various research institutes worldwide.

Take our Hands, Walk with Us, Share our Dreams and help us Make a Miracle!

Director and Founder, Jill Nerby is the Congenital Eye Disorder Manager at the prestigous University of Virginia School of Medicine. AFI pays no salaries to any employees or board members so our overhead is very minimal and donations go to our mission areas of education, research and patient support.


Public donations will keep this research going, please consider making a tax deductible donation.

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