Riley Teen Leadership Council

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If you are a teen (or parent of a teen) with a chronic condition, then you have a unique set of life experiences. Long before adulthood, you’ve met challenges that few people outside your family and healthcare team fully understand. After a lifetime of appointments with doctors, hospital stays and medications, you may feel “different” from other teens.

Join the Riley Teen Leadership Council (RTLC), and you’ll find a group of peers, mentors and healthcare leaders who “get you” and your family like no one else can. RTLC is offered free of charge to support you (and your parents and caregivers) as you transition to adulthood. The RTLC is available for any adolescent aged 13-18 with chronic illness and for young adults with chronic illness as mentors.

Through the RTLC, you will:
  • Meet and have fun with other teens
  • Better understand your experience with illness
  • Use your strengths to improve your health
  • Learn about transitioning to adult medical care
  • Share your knowledge through a group project
  • Be a mentor for teens
For more information on the Riley Teen Leadership Council, click here. Or, download this brochure to learn the basics of becoming involved in the RTLC.