Brackets for Good

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Most people would tell you there aren’t any mountains in Indiana.  But a Hoosier family of a child with special needs might think differently and say that climbing mountains is what they do every day to give their child with special needs a better life.

No family should have to climb those mountains alone.  That’s why there is About Special Kids or ASK, now in our 31st year of providing a hand of help up that mountain for Hoosier families of children with special needs who use the information, resources, and connections ASK provides to “climb on!”  ASK Parent Liaisons, all parents of children with special needs themselves, help families avoid pitfalls, not make mistakes, and navigate through the unknown. 

ASK is always there, always at the ready to help Hoosier families “climb on!” for their child with special needs to reach a better life for their child with special needs at the top of that mountain.

And, now, we ask you to Climb On! and support ASK in the 2018 Brackets for Good.  We have been selected as one of the  64 charities in the 2018 Indianapolis Brackets for Good fundraising tournament.  Brackets tips off this Friday, March 2 at 8:00 p.m. 

- Learn how Brackets For Good works by watching this 83 second video:
- Check out our 45 section video:

- Click HERE to donate and help ASK get to the next round!

We’re “game” for the 2018 Brackets for Good competition and much like the spirited and relentless effort that brings Indiana families to ASK for help, we need your help to "climb on" and donate to Brackets for Good for ASK.  With your support, ASK can continue to be the climbing partner that Hoosier families can trust and count on in that every day climb up that mountain for their children with special needs.