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The Taishoff Center on Inclusive Higher Education

Last Update:7/12/2018
Address:Syracuse University
300 Huntington Hall
Syracuse, NY 13244
County:Out of state
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The Lawrence B.Taishoff Center works toward the full and equal participation of all college students with disabilities: in academics, the arts, extracurricular activities and campus life, career-related opportunities, and the vibrant social communities and cultures campuses can offer. We are especially committed to the inclusion of students with significant intellectual and developmental disabilities, who have traditionally been excluded from higher education.
Program Description
The Taishoff Center is working toward developing national standards for inclusive higher education. The Taishoff Center delivers higher expectations for higher education through: 

InclusiveU: This Syracuse University initiative offers an inclusive college experience for students with intellectual disabilities including individualized coursework, person-centered planning, professional internships through Project SEARCH, and social and extracurricular activities. Students work towards a non-credit certificate in a specialized area of study according to their individual interests. As the program continues to grow, an inclusive residential experience will be offered in Fall 2017. 

Research: Graduates and undergraduates at Syracuse University collaborate with faculty on topics including student growth/learning, transitioning to work and community living, public policy, economic models for inclusive education, and other related issues. 

Collaboration: The Taishoff Center provides teaching strategies for faculty including information about universal design and adapting curriculum for students with IDD. We also co-host a yearly national conference, State of the Art Conference on Postsecondary Education and Individuals with Disabilities, with George Mason University and the Helen Keller Institute. 

Technical Assistance and Consultation: As a model comprehensive transition and postsecondary program for students with IDD, Taishoff Center faculty, graduate students, parents, and participants provide technical assistance on how to replicate the InclusiveU initiative on campuses across the nation.
Post secondary education
Transition to Adulthood
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