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Sibling Support Project

Last Update:7/11/2018
Address:6512 23rd Ave NW, #213
Seattle, WA 98117
Phone:(206) 297-6368
Toll Free:
The Sibling Support Project is a national effort dedicated to the life-long concerns of brothers and sisters of people who have special health, developmental, or mental health concerns. We believe that disabilities, illness, and mental health issues affect the lives of all family members. Consequently, we want to increase the peer support and information opportunities for brothers and sisters of people with special needs and to increase parents' and providers' understanding of sibling issues.
Program Description

Our mission is accomplished by training local service providers on how to create community-based peer support programs for young siblings; hosting workshops, social network sites, and websites for young and adult siblings; and increasing parents' and providers' awareness of siblings' unique, lifelong, and ever-changing concerns through workshops, websites, and written materials.

We are proud to be affiliated with the Kindering Center.

The Sibling Support Project has published six books, presented workshops on sibling issues internationally and in every state, but we’re best known for helping local communities start Sibshops—lively peer support groups for school-age brothers and sisters of kids with special needs. There are now 450 Sibshops in most US states and Canadian provinces and in eight countries.

We sponsor the Internet's largest and oldest social networking sites for siblings and other family members, including:

  • SibNet - Facebook group and yahoo group
  • SibTeen - Facebook group and yahoo group
  • Sib20 - Facebook group where twenty-something sibs of people with disabilities connect with others who “get it.” It’s sibling support from a young adult perspective.
  • GKSN (Grandparents of Kids with Special Needs) - Facebook group and yahoo group

SibParents - On the Internet, there are hundreds of listservs where parents can talk about their kids who have special needs. But there is only one listserv where parents can go to talk about their other kids! SibParent, sponsored by the Sibling Support Project, is a new, innovative listserv where parents can discuss the joys and concerns experienced by their typically developing children.

SibParent is hosted by Andrea Congdon, a mom of children with and without special needs and a Sibshop provider and enthusiast.

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As a matter of policy, About Special Kids does not specifically endorse any of the resources contained on our website or in our information packets. Resources are supplied for information purposes only and ASK recommends that families explore all options for assistance before making an informed choice.