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Camp No Limits

Last Update:3/22/2019
Address:265 Centre Road
Wales, ME 04280
County:Out of state
Toll Free:
To educate and empower young people with limb loss to discover and develop a healthy, happy and independent lifestyle.
Program Description
Camp No Limits is the only camp for young people with limb loss & their families, creating a network of support for all the campers. Camp No Limits offers therapeutic programs with specialized professionals, including physical & occupational therapist, prosthetist & adult amputees role models.  A Camp No Limits can be found in Maine, Missouri, Maryland, Florida, Idaho, Arizona, Texas, California, and Conneticut.
We’re so excited to finally announce that we’re reducing our camp fees! This reduction will take place over the course of the next 3 years. If at anytime this plan becomes unsustainable, we will revisit and make changes as needed. Our Scholarship fund is still in place for those who need financial assistance and you can request your need in the body of the camp application.

Beginning now for the 2018 season, we’re reducing camp fees by $100 per person. As always, children under 3 come to camp for free. If we’re in a comfortable position to continue with the plan, in 2019 we will reduce fees by another $100 bringing fees to $300 per person. Finally in the third year we will further reduce by $50 bringing camp fees to $250 per person.
Limb Differences/Loss
Counties Serviced
Out of state
7172 Graham Road, Suite 100, Indianapolis, IN 46250 E-Mail:

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