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ASD Strategies in Action

Last Update:2/19/2019
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ASD Strategies in Action is a groundbreaking online video training program that provides practical information and skills, demonstrated with real-life examples in a variety of settings, for those who interact with individuals with autism.  It gives families and service providers the tools they need to effectively care for, support, educate, employ and work with individuals on the autism spectrum from early childhood to young adulthood. It's  organized by age and by strategy, allowing users to easily access the information that's most relevant to the user.
Program Description
The free introductory module "Many Faces of Autism" covers basic information and offers strategies that can be implemented right away. It takes about 90 minutes to complete, and can be done at your own pace. Parents, siblings, grandparents, aunts and uncles can complete the introductory module to learn strategies about how to better support their family member with autism. Families can also work with those people who also support their child, such as babysitters, neighbors, teachers, and providers, to complete the introductory module. Completing the introductory module gives everyone a common language and understanding.

ASD Strategies in Action's other modules are more rigorous and are accessed through subscription. One course is 10 hours and the other 40 hours. They give in-depth instruction and it is designed to give understanding of how to use functional behavior assessment and positive behavioral intervention planning. It can be used for continuing education for some organizations. The evidence-based interventions are presented online with videos of expert interviews, perspectives from people on the autism spectrum, and case examples in homes, schools, work sites, and the community.
Offer a free first course 1.5 hours called Many Face of Autism

Foundations in Evidence-Based Strategies Course - $90 for non-Ohio residents for lifetime access - free for Ohio residents
Behavior Assessment and Planning with Evidence-Based Interventions Course - $125 for 6 month access for both Ohio and non-Ohio residents
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