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Share Foundation with the Handicapped

Last Update:1/2/2020
Contact:William Harmon
Title:Executive Director
Address:P.O. Box 400
Rolling Prairie, IN 46371
Phone:(219) 778-2585
Toll Free:
Fax:(219) 778-2582

Share Foundation is a not for profit, privately funded, Christian organization. Our mission is to provide residential living, services and support programs for other-abled adults in a peaceful and loving Midwestern community. We strive to accomplish this mission through recognizing, respecting, and providing for the uniqueness of each individual.

Program Description

Five villages of 3 homes each are open and operating in the community of Sharing Meadows. These family style homes give the villagers (residents) privacy and a sense of belonging and responsibility. Each home has a steward who teaches the villages daily living skills and assists them to attain and maintain their highest level of functioning through individual training, which helps the other abled achieve a healthy and joyous sense of self worth. The Forcey Guest House offers families of other abled young people the opportunity to come and experience first hand life at Sharing Meadows, providing an opportunity to experience the possibilities of their child's future. While visiting, families participate in the activities and work of the villagers and relax on the grounds.

Camp Sharing Meadows provides year-round weekend and week- long retreat sessions for developmentally disabled individuals over the age of 18. Games, activities, a swimming pool, a fishing lake, a DJ dance, guest entertainment and production of a play are some of the activities during week-long sessions.


Share Foundation does not receive government support but has always relied solely upon private donations and its own fund raising efforts.

Family Support
Life Skills Training
Residential Placement
Transition to Adulthood
Counties Serviced
Entire State
7172 Graham Road, Suite 100, Indianapolis, IN 46250 E-Mail:

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