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Preemies Today

Last Update:7/21/2018
Address:PO Box 523525
Springfield, VA 22152
County:Out of state
Toll Free:888-712-3208

Our Mission is to advocate for the needs of families experiencing the traumatic event of premature birth. We carry out this mission by providing education, support, resources, and a sense of community through outreach programs and parent-to-parent support from birth throughout childhood.

Program Description

We provide on-line support to families of preemies located across the country and internationally. Preemies Today is made up mostly of parents of children born prematurely. We network with other parents groups, healthcare providers, therapists, and people providing community resources to obtain information for our members.

Preemies Today Parent-to-Parent Telephone Line—Call us if you would like to talk to a mentor parent who has experienced the same things you have. Our toll free number is 1-888-712-3208. Please leave a message and a member will return your call as soon as possible.

On-line Chats—Join our moderated chat once a month online. It’s a great way to talk to other preemie parents without leaving your house! Each month we discuss a different topic. We have discussed such topics as reflux, eye sight, behavior, and coping with the first few months at home with your preemie. Participants in the chat come from locations across the country as well as local parents who need to be home with their little ones.

Online Community—Through online services provided by Big Tent (, our organization is able to manage email list-serves, provide subgroups that allow families to connect by their child's age including a school-age group or by geographic location. Our members can create personal journals or blogs, access a live newsletter and calendars, and use lots of other great features to extend our offline activities and relationships online. Big Tent has a very strict privacy policy and does not sell, rent or give user information to ANY third parties. Big Tent allows you to set your notification preferences. You can receive e-mail notifications to changes that are occurring, receive weekly updates, or set your account to no e-mail. It is also user friendly.

Newsletter—Our newsletter, started in March 2003, focuses on issues dealing with the health and development of premature infants and their families. It is a non-profit publication which features a “Preemie of the Month” cover story, program updates, focus articles, and other interesting news pertaining to prematurity. The articles are contributed by volunteers and healthcare professionals. Currently our newsletter is distributed to requesting hospitals, doctor offices, and therapists. In 2004, we began publishing a Spanish edition of our newsletter which is available quarterly. The Preemies Today newsletter can be received through the mail or electronically via e-mail.

Resource Brochure—Preemies Today developed its first brochure in June of 2004. This publication includes helpful websites, books, and different support organizations. It includes, but is not limited to, helping parents find information on apnea, Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, cerebral palsy, hernias, jaundice, necrotizing enterocolitis, respiratory syncytial virus, and retinopathy of prematurity.

On-line Community/Listserv/Social Media
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Premature Birth
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7172 Graham Road, Suite 100, Indianapolis, IN 46250 E-Mail:

As a matter of policy, About Special Kids does not specifically endorse any of the resources contained on our website or in our information packets. Resources are supplied for information purposes only and ASK recommends that families explore all options for assistance before making an informed choice.