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Burmese Advocacy Center

Last Update:12/7/2017
Address:2424 Lake Ave
Fort Wayne, IN 46805
Phone:(260) 739-5268
Toll Free:

To create a centralized location, which will serve to coordinate local efforts for improving the accessibility of services and to provide the education necessary for the successful acclimation of the Burmese community.

The Burmese Advocacy Center is committed to improving the quality of life for all members of the Burmese community, regardless of ethnic group or religion

Program Description

Self-Sufficiency Coordination: The Self- Sufficiency Coordination program’s goal is to provide the necessary classes for Burmese refugees to increase their ability to attain self-sufficiency and employability. The program promotes this end by organizing and holding classes that focus on work place conversation, public transportation, work place culture, employment documents (including applications and résumé-building), job readiness, child care for employment, etc.

Employment Coordination:  The Employment / Job Placement Coordination is a skill-building program that assists new members of the Fort Wayne Burmese community to obtain employment and economic independence. Employment-related skill-building training will be provided throughout the year to produce more reliable workers in the workforce.

Health Coordination: The Health Coordination program aims for the successful integration of the Burmese refugees into the Fort Wayne community by improving their access to healthcare services and by providing health education classes. We accept referrals from area medical providers to work individually with referred patients in understanding their diagnosed medical conditions, how to follow up with after care, test results, etc. We also help connect clients with the appropriate healthcare providers.

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