Sherri Moore

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Parent Liaison

Sherri MooreSherri joined ASK in 2019 as a Parent Liason. As a parent of children with extra needs herself, she has a passion for supporting parents through the hard times that come with having a child who has special needs and is excited to help other parents realize they are not alone and that there is hope.
Sherri previously worked as a Paramedic and EMS Educator for 20 years before she left to focus on foster care. Through fostering for 12 years and raising her 3 adopted sons, she has direct experience with Reactive Attachment Disorder, ODD, ADHD, Bi-Polar Disorder, Anxiety, Depression, G-tubes, Shaken Baby Syndrome, Diabetes, Essential Tremors, Residential treatment, and Juvenile Justice.  But most importantly she has experienced feeling isolated and alone and feeling like she is spinning her wheels looking for a needle in the haystack in searching for solutions for her children.
She is looking forward to connecting with other parents who are on this journey in hopes of helping them to find their greatest place of peace, which lies in the reassurance that they are doing everything possible for their child.