Volunteer Opportunities

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Become an ASK Champion

About Special Kids calls our volunteers what they are . . . Champions.

An ASK Champion has compassion for families of kids with special needs and understands the value of the support ASK provides these families. An ASK Champion’s main goal is to heighten awareness for ASK as you reach out to your community and those people who either work with these families or can help us reach them. Opportunities can be flexible based on your skills, interests and time availability.

An ASK Champion is someone who:

  • Understands our mission and how we are relevant to families and the community
  • Is willing to help the outreach and support efforts of ASK in their community
  • Champions can choose how they would like to give their time based on personal skills, interests and time availability

Some Examples of Champion Opportunities include:
  • Distribute ASK collateral materials to organizations/professionals that serve kids with special needs
  • Volunteer to staff tables at resource fairs for ASK
  • Make presentations to individuals and groups that serve kids with special needs
  • Interview families and write family stories
  • Parent Mentoring
    A parent mentor is a trained volunteer parent of a child with special needs that provides peer support to families. We define peer support as encouragement, moral support and empathetic sharing between the trained parent mentor and the referred family. Our hope is to help families feel less isolated and more confident about themselves through the relationship that is established. This approach assumes that families who have experienced disability can better understand and relate to individuals trying to deal with their own family member's disability.

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