Who We Are

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To get connected to a parent liaison, please call 800-964-4746 or click here

About Special Kids (ASK) is Indiana’s Parent to Parent organization that works throughout the state to give support, answer questions and provide information and resources to families of children with special needs. ASK staff are extensively and continually trained as well as parents of children with special needs; therefore, we can help other families and professionals understand the various systems that families encounter related to special needs.  

ASK’s mission:    About Special Kids values the power of parent-to-parent support and the vast potential of every child. We provide answers, resources, and connections vital to families raising children with special needs, preparing each family to meet their respective challenges and to achieve their goals while championing them to live their best lives.

We define children with special needs as children with:

  • Physical, mental, emotional disabilities
  • Developmental delays
  • Chronic or terminal illnesses
  • Mental health concerns
  • Behavioral disorders
  • Learning disabilities and educational delays
  • Children who have risk factors or who are showing signs of a suspected disability

As a parent, once you make contact with ASK you will be connected with a staff parent liaison who is trained extensively and an experienced parent of a child with special needs. Parent liaisons focus on teaching families how to anticipate child and family needs, identify appropriate resources, and access community systems to help them meet the needs of their children.  Additionally, ASK’s parent liaisons follow up with each family that contacts us. So...even if there is something that you forget to address during that first call you make, you will have plenty of contact with your liaison to answer your questions and anticipate future needs.

For a list of Frequently Asked Questions, please click here.

History of the Organization