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To help achieve our mission ASK collaborates with strategic partners to help further the interests and needs of families we serve.
Indiana Parent Education Program

As previously mentioned, ASK staff provide families of children with special needs information and referral to community resources, training and education, and parent to parent support.  A unique aspect of this program is the follow-up support that is given to families after they contact ASK.  Follow-up calls are scheduled to cover information for families on pertinent topics such as special education, health care financing, respite, transition and the medical home.

Another very important aspect of the Indiana Parent Education Program is that ASK provides information and trainings for professionals who work with children with special needs and their families.  ASK has created a workshop called “What Every Parent Wants You to Know” which provides the professional a unique insight into the daily lives, routines, stresses and history of a family of a child with special needs.   The outcome is the professional will gain understanding, from a family’s perspective, in order to address accommodations the child might need to achieve success in a variety of settings.
Along with the core aspects of providing parent to parent support, information and training, the Indiana Parent Education Program also includes the following projects:
Managed Care Project:  ASK works in partnership with MDwise, Anthem, MHS and CareSource, Medicaid managed care organizations (MCO), to provide premium service to its member families who have children with special needs. Children and youth with chronic illnesses or disabilities often have complex medical, educational, social and vocational needs that require a wide range of services. The number of providers and agencies involved can be overwhelming to the family. ASK staff are available to assist families in their efforts to understand the medical home concept and to ensure that the child receives appropriate, comprehensive family-centered care.

ASK provides intensive services to families of children with special needs in conjunction with medical and behavioral case management received from our MCO partners. The range of services ASK provides includes information & referral to community resources, 1-on-1 training regarding health care financing and education options, and on-going parent to parent support. ASK also educates the case management personnel about community resources, education, health care financing options and disability issues.

Community Pediatrics Training Initiative

In collaboration with the Indiana University School of Medicine, ASK is one of three community based organizations that provides community learning experiences for pediatric residents in the Indiana University Medical Education Program at Indiana University Health.  The project focuses on populations of children with special health care needs who are defined as children with disabilities and serious chronic illness, Hispanic children whose parents speak English as a second language, and children who are victims of domestic violence. This project is changing the way pediatric residents are trained to work with community organizations in meeting the needs of children with special needs and their families through site visits, interactions with families and children, and special projects.