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Thank you for your interest in being listed on the ASK Resource Directory.

By becoming part of this resource, you are making your information available 24/7 to families, caregivers, educators and other professionals who help families of children with special needs.

Cost: Annual Fee

Nonprofit Companies:

For-Profit Companies:
Company Budget Annual Fee
Annual budget less than $100,000 $  50
Annual budget between $100,000-$299,999 $100
Annual budget between $300,000-$499,999 $150
Annual budget between $500,000-$ 1M $250
Annual budget greater than $1M $300

* All fees collected from directory listings will be turned back into programs and services of the organization.

About Special Kids reserves the right to reject any entries that are not appropriate for our directory (for example, if your company does not specifically provide services to children with special needs or their families).

To complete an application to be listed on our Resource Directory, please follow the instructions below to get started.