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Angel Flight Central

Last Update:10/25/2017
Contact:Don Sumple
Title:Executive Director
Address:Charles B. Wheeler Downtown Airport
10 Richards Road
Kansas City, MO 64116
County:Entire State
Toll Free:866-569-9464

Angel Flight Central's mission is to serve people in need by arranging charitable flights for access to health care and for other humanitarian purposes. AFC is proud to transport children to medical appointments and special needs camps and compassion flights for families whose children are unable to travel.

Travel is primarily in small non-pressurized aircraft when distance is to far to drive to relieve the burden of this additional expense when families are already challenged with medical and family expenses.

Program Description

To qualify for an Angel Flight passengers must:

  • Have financial need for assistance
  • Be medically stable/children who can be carried and have collapsible wheelchairs
  • Be ambulatory, walk to the aircraft and sit upright in a standard aircraft seat or if of age use a car seat
  • Provide own ground transportation & lodging
  • Compressed oxygen may be used on board if manageable by the family.

AFC will match the request to a volunteer pilot who can safely transport children and adults to access treatment. A medical release is obtained to assure stability for flight. A liability release is also obtained as passengers agree to fly of their own free will. Longer distance flights may be linked in 2 or 3 legs requiring transfer to another plane; dependent upon distance.

Online request available at under PASSENGERS


Donations, grants, Foundations, Special Events.

Air Transportation
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