ASD: The Tip of the Iceberg… What Else Might Be Going On?

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Drawing on expertise from across the state, the Indiana Resource Center for Autism is hosting free family webinars throughout the school year.

The webinars will be on the second Monday of each month and will start at 6:30pm ET lasting no more than 45 minutes. There will also be time for your questions at the end of each webinar.

Topic:  ASD: The Tip of the Iceberg… What Else Might Be Going On?
Presenter: Julie T. Steck, Ph.D., HSPP
CRG/Children's Resource Group

This session will provide a brief overview of common co-existing conditions in individuals with ASD. The session will focus on how families may better understand these conditions and how to pursue additional supports and interventions.

When:  February 8, 2020
              6:30 p.m. – 7:15 p.m. EST

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Future webinars:
  • March 8th - Positive Behavioral Supports in the Home to Address Anxiety, Executive Functioning, and Mood Dysregulation
  • April 12th - Building Partnerships with Schools: How to Be an Active Member of Your Child’s Team
  • May 10th - Addressing Behavior: Tips and Strategies
  • June 14th - Tips for implementing ABA in the Home