Disability and Transit Training Series: Doggies, Lizards, and Horses? Oh My! A Guide to Service Anim

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The Indiana Statewide Independent Living Council (INSILC) is offering a three-part training series on disability and transit. The transit trainings are designed for transit service providers, community-based partners, and transit riders themselves. Access to transportation is essential to keeping people with disabilities active in their communities, and it is important that transit providers are up-to-date with current best practices in disability etiquette, rider rights, and laws pertaining to service animals.
All trainings will be held from 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm EDT, and will include time for participant questions. Trainings are available via livestream or on-site at Project Lead the Way, 3939 Priority Way South Dr, Suite 400, Indianapolis.
Disability and Transit Training Series
Register here: http://fifthfreedom.org/l/12g
May 14: Beyond the Basics: A Deeper Look into Disability Etiquette & Culture
This training offers a deeper look into disability culture and etiquette and includes general etiquette as well as concerns regarding specific disability types. 
May 28: Rider Rights: The Americans with Disabilities Act and Transportation
This training will provide information about the rights of riders under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) on- and off-board transit vehicles. It will include public transportation, complementary para transit, and private transportation entities.
July 2: Doggies, Lizards, and Horses? Oh My! A Guide to Service Animals on Board
This training offers a deep dive into the often-perplexing waters of service animals and will address both national and Indiana law. Learn about fake service animals, emotional support animals, and legitimate service animals with behavioral issues.
For questions or more information, contact INSILC at info@insilc.org or 1-844-4INSILC.