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Improving Sexual Health Literacy and Advocacy Skills for Adult Women
with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities in Indiana

The Center for Health Equity at the Indiana Institute on Disability and Community at Indiana University-Bloomington has received money from the Indiana Governor’s Council for People with Disabilities for a study. We will learn how to create sexual health classes for adult women with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) and their partners. The reason for the classes will be to help women and their partners have better sexual health. The classes will teach people how you can make good choices and how you can tell others what you need.

Why is this study being done?
The pilot sexual health trainings are not going to happen until next year. This year, we need your help to make sure the classes will be good for adult women with IDD. We want to talk with people who understand the sexual health needs of women with IDD. We want to understand your needs. We also want to understand the things that make it hard for you to take care of your sexual health. This talk with a group of women with IDD will be called a “focus group.”
What is sexual health?
Sexual health can include romantic relationships, making choices about who you want to be close with, privacy, keeping safe from being abused, planning to have a baby or not, or exams at the doctor's office that keep your private parts healthy.
If you are a woman with IDD in Indiana who is at least 18 years old, you are invited to be in a focus group. It is your choice as to whether you want to participate. It is fine if you decide to say no.
What will happen during the focus group?
If you decide to participate in the focus group, you will go to one group meeting of 5 to 12 women with IDD. We will ask you and the other women some questions about sexual health. We will ask you what you would like to say about sexual health. We will record discussion among the participants including you. This is to make sure we understand what you are telling us.
Where will the focus group be, and how long will it take?
The focus groups will be held Easter Seals Crossroads at 4740 Kingsway Drive in Indianapolis (5th floor conference room) at 2:00 on November 21, 2019. You can plan on 1 hour to 1 ½ hours for the discussion.
Are there any risks to me if I am part of the focus group?
(1) Keeping your name and words a secret.
When you are talking, the other group members will hear what you say.  We will write down your words. But, after the group meeting, we will not tell anyone who said them. We will keep your name a secret. We will ask other group members not to share what you say with anyone outside the group.
(2) Talking about something that might upset you.
Some questions about sexual health might bring up strong feelings. You can decide not to answer any question that you don’t want to answer. If you feel bad, you can tell us. You can decide to leave the room or stop being in the focus group. We will have a list of places you can go for help if you need it.
Will I be paid for participating?
We want to thank you for your help if you share your experience and thoughts in the focus group. We will give each woman in the group an electronic gift card for $30.

Who should I call with questions about this study?

For any questions about the focus groups, please call or email us:
Jane Harlan-Simmons                                                     Jae Chul Lee
Project Coordinator                                                        Principal Investigator
812-855-6508                                                                     812-855-6508                                         

Location Details
Easter Seals Crossroads
4740 Kingsway Drive
Indianapolis, IN