Maternal and Child Health Needs Assessment - Survey

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The Indiana Department of Health is conducting a maternal and child health needs assessment. Please respond and send out this 15-20 minute survey to make sure the needs of women, children, teens and families in your community are heard!  
What is a maternal and child health needs assessment?
As a part of the Title V Maternal and Child Health (MCH) Block Grant, every five years the Maternal and Child Health and Children with Special Health Care Services divisions at the Indiana State Department of Health complete a comprehensive needs assessment to better understand the state of health and well-being of women, children and families in Indiana. As part of the needs assessment, we also look at the capacity of our state and local systems to meet those needs.

We are reviewing existing materials, reports and data to answer the question, What do we already know? However, we also recognize the information we already know does not represent all community needs and that things may have changed since information was last collected.  For that reason, we are sending out a Community Survey.
What is the Community Survey?
The Community Survey is being distributed to women, youth, parents, community members  and people who work with women and children across the state. 

The survey is short on purpose: our goal is to make sure we hear about all the needs of women, children and families in Indiana. Once we have heard back from you, we will compile a big list of needs of this population. The final step is to identify additional activities to help narrow down the list to a set of statewide priorities.

Anyone over 18 years old is welcome to take the survey.

Click HERE to take the survey and have your voice heard 

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