Participate in Angelman research AT HOME with Purdue University

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The Neurodevelopmental Family Lab is recruiting families of children under 5 years old for a study that can be completed entirely from home!
PANDAbox – Parent Assisted NeuroDevelopmental Assessment
The purpose of the PANDAbox study is to understand of how children develop in early childhood and how to best measure their development. We are also interested in exploring whether caregiver-led telehealth sessions might be a feasible way to engage families in research without requiring travel.
Dr. Bridgette Kelleher, Purdue University

Who can participate?
Families of a child with AS aged 6-18 months old who live in the United States and speak primarily English at home.
What does the study involve?
Families repeat a series of research activities 3 times, 6 months apart. Each set of activities includes (1) an online survey, (2) a phone interview, (3) a daylong recording of your child’s vocalizations, (4) a play-based telehealth session with a Purdue researcher.
We will send all materials needed to participate, and families receive $55 in Amazon gift cards for each assessment ($165 total).
Contact Erin at to learn more!