Self-Driving Vehicle Survey for People with Physical Disabilities

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Researchers with the Biomechanical Design Research Laboratory at Michigan State University are conducting a survey on public transportation and autonomous (self-driving) vehicles.  The survey is part of their research into experiences and challenges with transportation, as well as perceptions surrounding the use of autonomous vehicles that may benefit individuals with disabilities.
People with physical disabilities are invited to share their experiences and challenges when they travel via car, bus, or other forms of transportation.  The researchers are also interested in your thoughts about autonomous vehicles (cars that drive themselves) and what features you would require if you were to use an autonomous vehicle.
The survey only takes fifteen minutes, and the first 100 people to respond will be send a $10 gift card.  To be eligible to participate, you must have a physical disability that makes it difficult to get to work, classes or shopping (grocery, pharmacy, etc.). The survey is here:
For questions or more information, contact Dr. Tamara Bush at .