Toilet Training Class for Caregivers of Children with Developmental Disabilities

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  • This is a 2 day class with an educational, group format.
  • Classes can be viewed from your computer or smart device using Zoom.
  • The goal is to coach parents / caregivers through toilet training their child with a
  • developmental disability.
  • Individual and/or intensive follow up services are available if needed after the class is completed.
Who:  Parents / caregivers of children with developmental disabilities.

This class is for adults only.

Thursday , November 11 th & Thursday, November 18 th
Attendees are expected to attend both classes.

Both classes occur from 9:00am 12:00pm

One time registration fee of 15 per family. Includes the 2 day course and one training

Contact Jennifer Gastright at or call 513-636-2742

Please note, registration closes at 9:00am on October 29, 2021.

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