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Q: I am alone, has anyone else ever dealt with this before?
A: You are NOT alone, ASK understands that the stress and anxiety of finding out your child has an unexpected medical diagnosis can be overwhelming.  ASK parent liaisons are parents of children with special needs, ASK also has parent mentors throughout the state and is an affiliate member of Parent to Parent USA.  Whether you just need someone to talk to or you need to find services for your child ASK is here for you and will assure you that you are not alone.
Q: My child was just diagnosed with special needs, what can I do to help my baby?    
A: Call ASK to speak with  a parent liaison. The parent liaison will discuss your concerns with you, provide resources, advise you on your options, and, if desired, set you up with a parent-to-parent mentor.  We also offer a workshop to address your next steps – please go to http://www.aboutspecialkids.org/Training.aspx to register.
Q: I need resources for my child, where can I get information?
A: Call ASK, our staff will connect you with resources to help families of children with special needs. 
Q: I'd like to attend a training class, where do I find information on your workshops?
A: Go to "Training Descriptions" for information and links to training dates, registration and contact information.
Q: Necesito hablar con alguien en español. ¿Qué debo hacer?
A: Llame al 317-288-6330 para ponerse en contacto con un padre enlace de habla Hispana. El padre enlace escuchara sus preocupaciones, le proveerá la información adecuada y le ayudara a encontrar solución a sus interrogantes.
Q: My family is struggling to pay for healthcare, what are my options?
A: Call to speak to a parent liaison who will guide you through public or private health insurance questions and options available. You can also attend the ASK workshop called Public Health Insurance: What you don't know can cost you.
Q: I'm concerned about my child's Individualized Education Program, what can I do?
A: Call to speak to a parent liaison who will guide you through your child’s legal rights and the process of working with the school. You may also attend the ASK workshop called A Roadmap to Special Education: Laws and Process.
Q: I need a break, where can I find respite care?
A: Search the online FINDER Resource directory using the keyword respite to find a list of possible providers in your area. You may also call and speak to a parent liaison for detailed information on providers and how to pay for respite care.
Q: Do I need a referral to receive ASK services?
A: Families do not need a referral to receive services from ASK.  ASK helps any family member of a child with special needs.
Q: What is the cost to use ASK services?
A: There is no cost to receive the assistance of ASK parent liaisons.  Certain workshops have reasonable fees; if a family has difficulty paying for a workshop, ASK will consider a scholarship on a case-by-case basis.
Q: I am having trouble getting the school to listen to me about my child’s education needs, what do I do?
A: Call ASK to speak with a parent liaison who will help you understand what your rights are under state law.  You may also want to attend our Roadmap to Special Education workshop.  This workshop covers Article 7, teaches you how to prepare for a case conference and write an Individualized Education Plan.
Q: Can parent liaisons go with me to my Case Conference with the school?
A: No.  Parent liaisons do not attend IEP meetings; however, they will work with you as you prepare for it to help you understand your lawful rights, the process and feel comfortable writing an IEP.
Q: Can ASK be my family's advocate and call the agency I am having problems with?
A: No.  ASK works with families and helps guide them through the systems and find the resources to empower them.  Communicating effectively is especially difficult when families have the additional stress of having a child with special needs.  Families are encouraged to take our Effective Communication Workshop ~ It’s Not WHAT You Say … It’s HOW You Say It.
Q: Can I refer people to About Special Kids?
A: Absolutely.  ASK is happy to help any family of a child with special needs that need our services.  Referrals can come from any source.
Q: Are you a government agency?
A: No.  ASK does receive some government grants through contracts with managed health corporations.  ASK is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit human service organization that serves the state of Indiana.
Q: Is there a disability or disease you will not help a family with?
A: No.  ASK is here to help families of children with any special need.  We are an equal opportunity assistance organization.
Q: I am well off financially; can you help me with my child?
A: Yes.  ASK helps families of children with special needs regardless of income.  Our mission is to provide answers, resources, and connections vital to families raising children with special needs, preparing each family to meet their respective challenges and to achieve their goals while championing them to live their best lives.
Q: ASK helped me; how can I help ASK?
A: There are several ways you can show your appreciation for the help you received.  You can volunteer by becoming an ASK champion or parent-to-parent mentor click here to apply.  A monetary contribution can also be made to show your appreciation please click here to give online.
About Special Kids can provide information in a variety of formats addressing the above issues and many others. Call us for specific information