ASK helps me face the unknown.
“ASK helps me face the unknown.” — an ASK parent
ASK keeps me from getting discouraged.
“ASK keeps me from getting discouraged.” — an ASK parent
ASK gave me hope for my child's future.
“ASK gave me hope for my child's future.” — an ASK parent
About Special Kids is
a parent led and staffed organization
with special needs
live better lives ...
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ASK & Learns
ASK & Learns
ASK & Learn sessions are an opportunity for parents to ask questions, learn about resources, and meet face-to-face with an ASK Parent Liaison . . . Read more
Kroger Rewards
Kroger Rewards
About Special Kids is pleased to announce that we are now a part of Kroger’s Community Rewards . . .. Read more
Healthcare Toolbox
Healthcare Toolbox
The toolbox provides families and professionals information on what programs are available and who is eligible...Read more